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San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Blog

What communication disorders can you expect with brain injuries?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can lead to all kinds of problems, including difficulty communicating. Communication issues can involve different parts of the brain, because communication has physical, cognitive and emotional processes.

Communication difficulties can also affect an injured person's behavior. When you can't make yourself understood or easily understand the world around you, it's easy to react with agitation or even hostility.

Can you sue your spouse for invasion of privacy?

Most people are carrying a miniature computer right in their pockets -- their smartphone. A lot of people use their phones for far more than simple phone calls. They look up directions, have written conversations, access their bank accounts, save notes and use it as a personal camera or recording device.

That's what makes the cellphone the modern equivalent of a diary -- and something that most people consider "off-limits," even to their spouses.

No real progress made in reducing pedestrian deaths

Nobody is exactly sure why there has been an increasing number of pedestrians being killed in accidents with cars over the last few decades.

There are a lot of theories. Some people think that it has a lot to do with the increasing American consciousness toward both health and conservation. Essentially, more people are walking wherever they can to reduce their waistlines and their carbon footprints. Unfortunately, most modern cities were built with cars in mind -- not walkers.

New study says texting while driving laws not effective

Statistics can tell a story, but seeing is believing. Anytime you drive down the street, whether you’re going to work or to buy a loaf of bread, you’re likely to see at least one driver looking down at their smartphone instead of looking ahead at the road. There are new laws every year, but the problem remains.

Can you get seriously injured doing yoga?

Yoga is often touted as a "feel good" type of exercise that virtually anybody at any level of fitness can do. It's low-impact, so it isn't likely to stress your knees. It isn't aerobic, so it doesn't require people to have a strong heart or lungs. It doesn't take any machinery to do, so you don't have to worry about falling off (like you might a treadmill or stair machine).

However, none of that means yoga is actually safe. In fact, injuries related to yoga are increasing. The number of yoga-related hospital visits in 2014, for example, was about twice that of the number seen in 2001. However, among those aged 65 and over, injures were eight times more common!

Common causes of California truck accidents

Almost everywhere you look there are trucks on the roads. You won't have to drive too far to pass a truck, have one start following you or have one pull in front of you down the road. Because of the sheer volume of vehicles on the roads, trucking accidents are all too common in the state of California. Here are some of the most common causes of these often tragic accidents.

One of the most common causes of truck accidents in California is distracted driving. Truck drivers can get distracted much like drivers of cars, SUVs and vans. Distracted driving includes cellphone use, reading a map or newspaper, paying attention to what's happening outside the truck, changing radio stations, swapping CDs, talking on a dispatching device and more.

Cryotherapy injuries: Can you sue?

Cryotherapy is the newest health craze. Companies offering the service have sprouted up all over in the last couple years -- so if you haven't heard about it yet, you will soon.

Cryotherapy involves stepping into a chamber that blasts your body with nitrogen gas. The super-cold gas drops the interior of the open chamber to under -200 degrees Fahrenheit. People using the treatment only stay in the chamber a couple minutes -- long enough for the surface of their skin to cool about 20 degrees.

Blood test can now detect brain injury

Doctors have traditionally had to rely on a combination of imaging tests, like x-rays and magnetic resonance, experience and guesswork to identify brain injuries. It simply isn't always obvious whether or not someone has one.

However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken a step that -- while not totally taking guesswork out of equation yet -- promises to eventually change the way doctors identify brain injuries in the future.

Top signs of tire trouble (and what to do after a wreck)

You probably want to do everything you can to stay out of an accident on the road. Recognizing the signs of damaged or defective tires is one way to do that.

Good observation skills can prevent a tire failure while you're on the road and keep you out of a serious car accident.

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