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Answers To Your Personal Injury Questions

Why should I retain Spencer & Associates?

If you have been injured, Spencer & Associates provides the highest quality legal representation. We are aggressive in dealing with the insurance companies; we are compassionate in dealing with our clients. We are results-oriented, with an experienced team ready to advance our clients’ interests. We listen to our clients. We return phone calls. We explain the legal process to our clients at every step of the way. Our ultimate objective is full client satisfaction, realized in the highest possible settlement, delivered with exceptional service and professionalism.

What if I have no money to pay a lawyer?

Our office handles personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means that we get paid if and only if we win your case and recover money on your behalf. Another way to describe this arrangement is “no win, no fee.” Attorney fees are paid at the end of the case, and are a pre-agreed percentage of the total settlement amount.

How much is my case worth?

The factors that go into valuing a personal injury case are varied. Such factors include the amount of medical bills incurred, the extent of lost earnings resulting from the injury, or whether there are any residual injuries or future medical expenses. These factors are by no means exhaustive and represent but a few of the most important considerations. Other factors that often go into the evaluation of a personal injury case include which court the case is to be heard and the jury appeal of the injured person.

Of course, the extent of many of these factors will be unknown at the beginning of a case. For example, it may not be clear just how much the medical expenses are until treatment has been completed; the degree of residual injuries may not be known until that time, also. Therefore, it may not be possible to value a case correctly right away.

How long will my case take?

Although most cases ultimately settle before going to trial, it is generally best to wait until medical treatment is completed before the settlement is achieved. Settling only when treatment is completed allows the claimant to present the full extent of injuries and medical expenses to the liable party, thereby justifying the maximum possible settlement. Moreover, settling at the end of treatment accounts for the possibility of medical complications and other unanticipated medical issues that may arise, thereby permitting the claimant to incorporate these factors in the demand for settlement.

Sometimes, it is simply not possible for treatment to be completed before the settlement is achieved. For example, an injured claimant may have the need for ongoing treatment for many years into the future. Also, the claimant may need a surgical procedure in the future, which could require post-surgical treatment. In scenarios such as these, a good attorney will obtain credible medical opinions from the claimant’s treating doctors respecting a prognosis, the need for future treatment, including surgery, and the cost of any such future treatment.

What if I do not have any health insurance or money to pay a doctor?

It is no problem if you do not have health insurance or money to pay a doctor. Our office will be able to refer you to a specialist in one of several medical specialties, and in a location that is convenient for you. Most of the time, any doctor that our office refers you to will agree to get paid on a lien, or “pay later,” basis. This means that you will not have to pay the doctor out of pocket, but that the doctor agrees to get paid out of the settlement of your case.

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