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Knowledgeable Legal Representation After A Serious Trucking Accident

Accidents involving 18-wheeler and other commercial trucks are often among the most devastating on the roadway. Commercial trucks are large, heavy and slow to stop; when they collide with a smaller vehicle, victims often suffer catastrophic injuries such as head trauma.

At Spencer & Associates, we can help you seek compensation for the losses you have suffered due to truck accidents in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. If you are facing medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress or long-term disability, we can help you pursue the appropriate financial compensation.

Skilled Representation In Trucking Injury Cases

Though similar to automobile crashes in many ways, commercial truck accidents are affected by a number of special considerations. Commercial trucking is subject to many laws, including those regulating speed, carrying capacity, the securing of cargo, tire treads, driver qualifications and the amount of rest a driver must receive each day.

As your law firm, we will closely examine your case with these factors in mind, determining whether the failure to follow regulations could have contributed to your injuries. If so, we will use the information to help us seek the maximum possible compensation in your personal injury case.

In truck accident cases, victims can often file suit not only against the negligent driver but also against the trucking company as well. Commercial trucking companies have a responsibility to hire qualified and well-trained drivers, and to keep their trucks in proper working order. If a trucking company failed to uphold these responsibilities in your case, we will do everything possible to hold it accountable for its actions.

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If you have been injured in a semi or any other type of commercial truck accident, attorney Richard Spencer will guide you through every step of the personal injury process, providing one-on-one support and personalized legal advice.

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