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What pictures should you take after a vehicle crash?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2023 | blog, car accidents |

In the chaotic time after a vehicle crash, many problems may arise at once. Amidst the confusion, you could overlook one important step to take.

The images you capture in the aftermath of a collision can play a huge role in insurance claims and police investigations.

Preserving the scene’s integrity

The immediacy of post-crash photography serves to preserve the scene’s integrity. As time elapses, physical evidence may change or even disappear altogether.

Skid marks, debris patterns and the position of vehicles can be important in reconstructing the sequence of events. By capturing these details through photographs, you provide a visual record that can assist authorities in their investigations.

Documenting vehicle damage

In the aftermath of a collision, documenting the damage sustained by the vehicles involved is important. Photographs should come from various angles, capturing not only the overall view but also close-ups of specific areas of impact. These images can help with a smoother claims process with insurance companies.

Establishing fault and liability

Photographic evidence becomes a powerful tool in establishing fault and liability. Instead of relying only on verbal accounts, insurance adjusters and legal professionals can analyze images to gain a clear understanding of the dynamics of the crash. This visual evidence can help determine which party bears responsibility.

Providing a visual timeline

A sequence of photographs taken immediately after a crash can create a visual timeline of events leading up to and following the collision. This timeline can be important in clarifying the sequence of actions and reactions.

With Americans facing complications from the 1,593,390 vehicle crashes that caused injuries in 2020, the initial feelings after a crash may be panic and confusion. Staying calm in the aftermath of an accident can provide clarity as you determine what to do next.

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