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What are some signs of a tired and drowsy driver?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | blog, car accidents |

What are some signs of a tired and drowsy driver?

When you pass other cars on the road, you likely look around and observe the environment around you. This is the opposite of what a drowsy driver does since they are more likely to cause a crash or rear-end accident as they fall asleep.

As you deal with the aftermath of a car accident, it may help you to learn more about what drowsiness looks like and how it affects people on the road.

Swerving around

According to the United States Department of Transportation, the majority of drowsy driving accidents happen around midnight to 6 A.M. due to the body’s need to rest. A car moving around aimlessly on the road is often a sign that the person operating it is not keeping a proper grip on the wheel. They may also not have the awareness to steer back into their own lane if they are closing their eyes.

Braking late

If the drowsy person inside the car fails to brake at the proper times or seems too distracted to come to a complete stop, it may be a sign of this problem. Sleepiness shortens a driver’s attention span and shrinks their ability to react quickly.

Ignoring signs

A driver following various road signs is important when merging or turning into a new lane. If a drowsy driver does not exit at the right place or wait for opposing cars in traffic, they may cause a serious crash.

The time after a crash can greatly impact you and knowing more about how a lack of sleep affects other people is important.

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