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Over the past few years, there has been a huge increase in the number of motorized scooters in use. Walk down the street in any city, and you will see scooters that have been parked on the sidewalk, leaning against walls, or just lying about. Not surprisingly, the increase in the use of these scooters has led to an explosion in the number of injury accidents suffered by their users. Scooter riders are at risk of suffering serious injuries when they ride.

Spencer & Associates has had great success handling scooter accident cases and obtains optimal results for those who have been injured while riding scooters. All too often, injured people feel overwhelmed when facing large legal teams from insurance companies. With our team as your advocates, you will not feel alone. Our attorneys know how to prepare and handle catastrophic injury cases and get results. We will aggressively represent you to protect you and your rights every step of the way as we pursue the level of compensation that you need.

Scooter Riders And Motorists Beware

Even when people operating kick scooters or electric scooters obey traffic laws, drivers of cars and trucks may:

  • Fail to yield the right of way to scooters
  • Fail to use turn signals when changing lanes
  • Run red lights and stop signs
  • Fail to check their blind spots

In other cases, distraction or worse, intoxication, can result in violent crashes. But not all scooter accidents are caused by negligent drivers. Some accidents are the result of defective roadway designs or product defects, which can result in serious crashes that can leave a rider seriously hurt.

Whatever the cause of a scooter accident, the painful outcome may include bruises, broken bones, fractures, a head injury, cuts and lacerations, road rash or a fatality. At Spencer & Associates, we are ready to fight for you as you recover from a serious or catastrophic injury or the loss of a loved one.

Pathways To Compensation

After the initial medical emergency is past, an injured scooter rider may face an uphill climb to recovery. Our attorney, Richard J. Spencer, is a strong ally of the injured in and around Los Angeles County. His in-depth knowledge of the law and his background as a skilled negotiator and litigator make him a valuable advocate for injured Californians. Every client and potential client in need of legal counsel and financial relief can expect personal attention.

Mr. Spencer has a strong track record representing the injured before insurance claims adjusters, judges and juries. As necessary, he will use input from accident reconstruction specialists and medical experts.

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