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What can you do to avoid an accident with a semi?

Truck accidents can be caused by any number of different issues -- poor driving, faulty equipment, bad tires and bad roads can all play a part. While you can't do anything to control these factors, you do have power over your own behavior behind the wheel.

Learning to share the road with these big rigs is the best thing you can do to protect yourself from an avoidable accident. Here are three top tips that experts recommend:

Avoid the truck's blind spots

You've seen the warnings on commercial vehicles about their blind spots. They usually let you know that you're invisible if you ride too close to the truck's rear or along its sides. Stay out of those spots. Keep a fair distance from the back end of a truck and don't hover alongside one. If you're passing the vehicle, try to move through its blind spot as quickly as possible to minimize the danger.

Never cut in front of a truck you just passed

Trucks cannot halt all the weight they're carrying very quickly. If you cut back into the truck's lane right after you pass it, an inexperienced driver may slam on the brakes in a panic -- which could result in a bad accident. Put a little distance between you and the truck you pass before you move back into the travel lane.

Don't try to squeeze by when a truck is turning

This is incredibly foolish and dangerous -- but some drivers do it. They see a truck moving slowly into a turn -- when the truck swings wide, an impatient driver sometimes decides to risk it and cut through the gap, rather than wait. Sooner or later, there's bound to be a disaster.

Beware bad drivers

While most truckers are reliable drivers, there are some that choose to drive while distracted, tired or otherwise impaired. If a truck seems to be weaving or otherwise having problems, stay back. As soon as you're safe, call the police and let them know there's a problem.

If you are in a truck accident, make sure that you consider all your legal options carefully before you think about settling. The devastating effects of your injuries can go on for years, so there are a number of important factors to address before you can move on.

Source: fueloyal.com, "Semi Truck Accidents – 10 Best Tips for Safely Sharing the Road with Truck Drivers," Jurica Magoci, accessed June 14, 2018

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