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Injury on another property – premises law

If you were recently injured somewhere away from home, it’s entirely possible that it was because of some hazard on that property. It could be that you fell from either slipping or tripping. It can also be from a fight at a bar or restaurant. There are many ways that you can be hurt at a business or other property that is open to the general public.

This is covered by what is known as “premises law.” Not all injuries are the fault of the property owner, but many are. If you have sustained an injury that has cost you in medical treatment, lost wages, or any other way you may have a case under this body of law.

What does premises law cover?

Any place which is open to the public has a responsibility to those who come onto their property to provide a safe place. This includes any retail store or restaurant as well as facilities open to everyone such as parking garages. When you step onto such a property, you are an “invitee.”

Every person or corporation that has control over such a space is liable for any injuries that take place under premises law. The conditions for liability involve demonstrating the following:

  • The person or company in control of the space had a duty to provide a safe space
  • They failed in this obligation, meaning there was a hazard of some kind
  • The particular hazard caused you to be injured
  • It was “foreseeable” that this particular hazard could cause injury
  • You were injured or in some other way affected, and this has cost you.

What is “foreseeable?”

The sticking point is often what is a foreseeable hazard. For example, a wet floor is obviously a hazard for anyone who is walking in the area. If there was a recently mopped or otherwise wet floor that did not have proper warning, that is a foreseeable hazard.

It can extend to other things as well. If you were injured in a fight in a bar, for example, the establishment may be responsible. It is entirely foreseeable that if a fight is not broken up that someone will eventually be hurt. Owners of restaurants and bars have an obligation to prevent and quickly stop disturbances like this.

Are they responsible?

If all of these conditions are met, and you do have an injury that is causing you real damages, you may have a case under premises law. A consultation with an attorney is certainly called for.

Premises law is somewhat complicated since there are so many individual items that have to be proven to make a case. It takes expertise to determine if there is a good case and how to make it. If you have been injured on another property you do not have to suffer on your own.

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