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How can trench collapses on a construction site lead to injuries?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2024 | personal injury |

Trench collapses pose significant dangers on construction sites. Workers digging trenches for pipelines, cables or other underground installations face risks all day long.

Understanding how trench collapses can lead to injuries helps in promoting safety and preventing accidents.

Causes of trench collapses

Several factors contribute to trench collapses. Poor soil conditions can weaken the walls of a trench, causing them to cave in. Machines operating nearby may also vibrate the ground, leading to instability.

Additionally, weather conditions such as heavy rain can erode trench walls, making them more likely to collapse. Without proper support systems, such as trench boxes or shoring, the risk of collapse rises.

Types of injuries

Trench collapses often cause a range of injuries. One common problem is suffocation. When a trench collapses, it can bury a worker under heavy soil, cutting off their air supply.

Crush injuries are also frequent. The weight of the soil may break bones or cause internal injuries. These injuries can lead to long recovery times and sometimes permanent disability. In the worst cases, trench collapses are even fatal.

Kinds of serious safety measures

Preventing trench collapses requires strict safety measures. Those in charge should inspect the trench and surrounding soil regularly to ensure stability. Shoring and trench boxes provide support to trench walls, preventing some collapses. Training workers to recognize potential hazards and respond quickly to emergencies is key.

Trench collapses on construction sites could happen in a span of only a few seconds. Anyone facing personal injuries after a trench collapse may want to seek fair compensation. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest news and updates from Spencer and Associates.