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The role of cameras after a motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | blog, personal injury |

After experiencing a motor vehicle accident, your immediate priority is to confirm the safety and health of yourself and your passengers. You can then begin the process of filing a claim for the damages you suffer, but it is not always a guarantee that the insurance company will see things your way.

Sustaining an injury in a vehicle accident leads to costly medical bills, but covering those bills requires proving that you are not at fault for the crash. That is where cameras can come into play as a useful boon in building your case.

How a dash camera can benefit you

Installing a dash camera in your car provides valuable perspective when an accident occurs. You might already have a dash cam for the sake of earning insurance discounts for your safe driving habits. Though a dash camera only shows one limited angle of an accident, this can often be enough to illustrate that you are not guilty of negligent behavior.

Involving traffic cameras in your personal injury case

In the absence of a dash cam, traffic cameras can also serve as powerful evidence for supporting your claim. Your legal team can help you contact the California Department of Transportation to request footage, or you can request security footage from any businesses near the accident site that have cameras in place.

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