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The 4 biggest slip-and-fall risks at the grocery store

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Slip-And-Fall Accident |

Slip-and-fall injuries are a leading cause of emergency room visits across the country. In fact, in a recent year, nearly 10 million Americans sought emergency medical care after slipping, tripping or falling. 

While most slip-and-fall injuries occur at home, many happen in public shopping centers. Here are the four biggest slip-and-fall risks at your neighborhood grocery store. 

1. The parking lot

During inclement weather, the parking lot is arguably the most dangerous part of the grocery store. After all, individuals may slip and fall in a rain puddle when exiting their vehicles or walking through the lot. If the floor in the store’s entry vestibule is wet, it likely presents the same risk. 

2. The grocery section

To keep produce fresh and appealing, grocers often mist it with water. If water pools on a tile or concrete floor, though, it may become dangerous to shoppers. Dropped fruits or vegetables may also cause customers to trip, slip or fall. 

3. The public restrooms

Whether in a grocery store or elsewhere, public restrooms can be dangerous places. Accumulated water from plumbing fixtures may cause individuals to slip and fall. Discarded debris, such as soiled paper towels, may also trip customers in untidy restrooms. 

4. The in-store coffee shop

Finally, the in-store coffee shop at your favorite grocery store is a potential hotbed for slip-and-fall injuries. When customers receive hot beverages, they often remove lids to add milk or sugar, causing the beverage to spill and become a slip hazard. 

While you simply cannot avoid the grocery store or its coffee shop forever, you can take steps to minimize your slip-and-fall risk. Regardless, if the grocer fails to keep you safe, you may sustain a life-altering injury when simply shopping for groceries.