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What danger does a car accident pose to a pregnancy?

When you're pregnant, a car accident can be particularly scary. Not only do you have your own health to worry about, you also have to worry about the baby's well-being!

While your body offers some protection to the baby, the reality is that even a minor car accident can be dangerous when you're pregnant. The sudden jolt of the car, the abrupt stop and the force of the seat belt against your body can all combine in ways that are harmful.

Placental abruption hazards

One of the biggest dangers to a pregnancy from a car accident is called placental abruption. The placenta that nourishes and protects the baby is attached to the wall of your uterus. If that placenta is partially or completely torn away prior to birth, there are numerous potential problems, including:

  • Miscarriage
  • Premature delivery
  • Co-mingling of blood by a mother and child with incompatible RH-factors

Any of those things could be tragic. Unfortunately, it isn't always immediately clear that placental abruption has taken place. If the tear is small, you may not feel anything for several days.

Leaking amniotic fluid

If your amniotic fluid sac breaks due to the force of the accident, you can develop a slow leak that could be hard to detect. Many women mistake the fluid for small amounts of urine.

Amniotic fluid supports your baby's growth and provides essential nutrients. An undetected leak in the fluid could lead to brain damage, birth defects and more.

Because it can be hard to know what is normal during a pregnancy and even more difficult to detect the early signs of a serious problem, it's critical to seek a medical evaluation immediately after a car accident. An ultrasound should also be performed to make sure that everything with the baby is okay, including the placenta.

Even if you're given a clean bill of health, it will remain important to stay watchful. Call your doctor at the first sign of bleeding or cramping. The injuries suffered in a car accident before birth can last a lifetime.

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