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  • A little over year ago I found myself in need of legal counsel. It's stressful enough when you are in an accident that stops your life as you know it.

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  • My son and I were involved in a major car accident and my son was seriously injured. I met Richard and he got my son the maximum we could get.

    - Eran F.
  • I've used Mr. Spencer's services a couple of times now and could not be happier with the level of service, his professionalism, and the manner.

    - Gabriel S.
  • Richard is my GO TO ATTORNEY, I know he will take care of my legalities and I trust Richard in every aspect of handling my law case.

    - Sandra B.

Do your part to prevent drowsy driving

Americans are chronically tired. Hectic schedules, difficulty sleeping and long commutes often combine to make it difficult for people to get the rest that they need -- and all that makes for a lot of tired drivers on the road.

Drowsy driving is a serious problem. It's estimated to be responsible for around 6,000 fatalities on the road every year. It's potentially a bigger problem than drunk driving simply because those who drink are aware that they're approaching their limit. Someone who is merely tired, however, could be approaching the limits of his or her capacity to function without even realizing it.

In other words, drinkers know that they're taking a risk when they drink and drive. However, tired is so normal for people that most don't even realize it's a problem anymore.

Fatigue and sleepiness affect drivers in multiple ways:

  • It's harder to stay focused on traffic signals, other cars and the road in general
  • It impairs the decision-making process
  • It slows reaction times

All of these things make car accidents far more likely.

How can you do your part to prevent drowsy driving accidents? Start by recognizing the signs that you're too tired to drive:

  • You have had less sleep than normal (or are chronically getting too little sleep in the first place)
  • You find yourself yawning, rubbing your eyes and trying to increase your alertness
  • You start missing traffic signals, miss your exit or drift into another lane
  • You find yourself on the rumble strip

In addition, modify your habits as much as possible to make drowsiness less of an issue. Avoid alcohol (which only increases drowsiness) when you have to drive and sleep for a minimum of seven hours each night.

If medical problems are interfering with the quality of your sleep, see a doctor for treatment. Also, watch the medications you take -- including things like over-the-counter allergy and cold tablets. They often make people unexpectedly sleepy.

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