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Accidents with FedEx trucks

Have you been in an accident with a FedEx truck?

There are a lot of common reasons behind delivery truck accidents -- but there are a few things in particular about FedEx trucks that you need to keep in mind after an accident.

The driver may not work for FedEx

In fact, neither the driver nor the vehicle he or she used to deliver packages may be part of FedEx's fleet. A lot of drivers are subcontracted through other delivery agencies. In that case, any lawsuit you file regarding your injuries needs to be directed carefully. All the potentially-liable parties have to be considered and listed in the suit.

The truck's condition may have led to the accident

Delivery vehicles make hundreds of stops every week. They're constantly on the go. If they aren't well-maintained vehicles, a sudden mechanical or tire failure can easily lead to an accident.

Distracted drivers are against company policy

FedEx takes pains to keep its drivers from being distracted. If the driver of the delivery truck was wearing headphones, keeping a phone in the cab of the truck, playing with the radio or using a GPS system, he or she could have been momentarily distracted when the accident was caused. FedEx knows these activities are dangerous -- which is why all of them are supposed to be prohibited. A driver who refuses to obey company policy is always putting others at risk.

Driver fatigue is often an issue

FedEx drivers deliver until they've run out of packages in their load. That means that a lot of drivers are pushing themselves during those last few stops -- and fatigue can be very dangerous on the road. That's another potential cause of the truck accident to explore with your attorney.

Drivers sometimes cause accidents when they're rushed

Because drivers can't stop until they finish all their deliveries, many are hesitant to even take a bathroom break. That sort of pressure can cause a driver to rush and get careless. Anything from an improper load to a missed turn can equal a big accident and lots of injuries.

Passenger cars and pedestrians don't have a lot of protection against the damage delivery trucks can do. Recovery can take a great deal of time -- which is why it's important to put the blame for the accident right where it belongs.

Source: Mental Floss, "12 Secrets of FedEx Delivery Drivers," Jake Rossen, accessed April 26, 2018

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