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San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Blog

2 killed, 2 injured in California highway collision

Interstate highways in California carry an immense volume of traffic. Drivers normally work together to maintain safety for every vehicle and their occupants, but accidents can occur, especially if drivers attempt a dangerous maneuver without a full understanding of their environments.

Two parents lost their lives in a crash that also injured their teenage children when their sport utility vehicle rolled off I-15 in Yermo. California Highway Patrol officers discovered the vehicle in the open desert near another car in the interstate highway's median.

Brain injuries by the numbers

A brain injury is one of the most complex types of injury, pain and disorientation for people. No two brain injuries are precisely alike, just as the circumstances around them are different.

The brain is not even fully understood by medical science. However, we understand many of the discrete functions of parts of the brain, and even "mild" or "minor" injuries can cause problems getting through daily life or moving life goals forward.

Who is responsible when a dog bites?

Every dog his its day, and there are more dogs out in summer along with their owners, walkers and trainers. It may feel like the streets of Los Angeles have completely gone to the dogs. And a bite victim may feel sick as a dog if he doesn't know who is liable if a dog goes too far.

California's civil code includes Section 3342, which covers liability in the case of dog bites. An owner is normally responsible if a dog bites a person in public or a private area that is not posted against entry. Victims generally cannot collect damages if they were bitten while trespassing.

Why it's so hard to treat and understand brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are notoriously hard to understand and difficult to treat.

Part of the reason is that experts note that no two TBIs are exactly the same. Every patient sees variations in the extent of the injury, the location, the symptoms and many other factors.

Woman killed and infant injured by car that went out of control

A woman at an Anaheim apartment complex was trying to leave, backing out of the complex, when she somehow lost control of the car. She stepped on the gas, speeding up and slamming into the community gate.

Tragically, a 44-year-old woman was outside, pushing her infant granddaughter in a stroller. The woman was hit by the car and killed. The infant survived, but was hurt, according to local police.

More dog bites likely in summer

Lazy days spent at the lake, cool nights spent camping and lots of picnics and barbecues are wonderful experiences to enjoy during the summer. Then there's the heat, packed attractions and bugs -- experiences that aren't so wonderful during the summer. For some people, summer can also be the year they were bitten by a dog.

According to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, over half of all dog bites in 2013 happened during the summer. August was the month with most.

Things to know about California dog bite injuries

Dog attacks don't happen to everyone. Yet they are not uncommon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 4.5 million people suffer dog bites in the U.S. every year. More than half of those attacks occur in the home where the dog lives and involve victims that are familiar to the animal. The nature of the wounds can range from minor (barely breaking the skin) to extremely serious. At the very least, a serious dog bite can leave scars. If an attack causes disfigurement, a long regimen of medical treatment might be called for. If infection sets in, a victim could die.

In the state of California, the rule of law is one of strict liability. That means that except in limited circumstances, the owner of a dog is likely to be liable for any damage done – even if the owner had no inkling of the animal's vicious potential.

Who needs a personal injury lawyer?

Who needs a special injury lawyer? Not everyone. If you suffered only damage to your car in a crash, your insurance company will probably do right by you. This is because they know what a dented door or broken window costs to replace.

Insurance companies will pay to tow, fix or replace your car, and other easily determined costs. You really can handle this negotiation yourself – just show your receipts.

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