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    - Nancy F.
  • “Richard Spencer was there for us from the day after my accident, representing me and my wife, and there throughout the whole lawsuit until it was settled.

    - Felix D.
  • A little over year ago I found myself in need of legal counsel. It's stressful enough when you are in an accident that stops your life as you know it.

    - Marie K.
  • My son and I were involved in a major car accident and my son was seriously injured. I met Richard and he got my son the maximum we could get.

    - Eran F.
  • I've used Mr. Spencer's services a couple of times now and could not be happier with the level of service, his professionalism, and the manner.

    - Gabriel S.
  • Richard is my GO TO ATTORNEY, I know he will take care of my legalities and I trust Richard in every aspect of handling my law case.

    - Sandra B.

San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Blog

Have a loved one with a brain injury? Know these terms

Brain injuries can happen in seconds, but they can affect those involved for the rest of their lives. If you love someone who has a brain injury, you'll find yourself plunged into a world with a strange language all it's own.

These are some terms that you need to be familiar with in order to successfully navigate the terrain.

Helping a loved one avoid a slip-and-fall injury

Falls are more common and more serious than you think. One out of five falling accidents results in a broken bone. Falls kill almost as many Americans each year as motor vehicles and firearms.

The elderly are especially at risk of falling, and more prone to serious or life-threatening injuries when they do. Here are some tips for keeping yourself and loved ones safe – in the home or out and about.

Californian causes 'swatting' death of Kansas man over video game

An online feud over a video game and a wager worth about $1.50 led a man in California to call in a bomb threat that led police in Kansas to mobilize their SWAT team.

In the end, a man who didn't even play video games or own a gun lay dead in his own doorway. An anxious police officer had shot him almost immediately after he opened the door.

Five tips for avoiding dog bites

If you go out for a stroll in Southern California, the odds are good that you’ll meet a dog or two. Though you may be tempted to greet these canines that cross your path, you should remember that not every dog is as happy to see you.

The unfortunately reality is that dog bites happen. While these incidents can be painful—and if they require medical treatment, costly—there are easy ways to avoid them. By following a few simple pointers, you can dodge getting bitten and spare yourself, the dog and its owner from a traumatic experience.

On the road this New Year's holiday? Follow these tips for safety

When people talk about bringing the new year in with a bang, they're talking firecrackers, not the kind of bang that goes with a car accident.

Unfortunately, the New Year's weekend is one of the most dangerous weekends of the year -- every year. Drinking and exuberant moods tend to combine, but they don't always make for great driving.

Facial injuries in elderly patients indicate unnecessary falls

Do you have an elderly parent who is currently in a hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility?

If so, keep your eyes out for facial injuries. They're a likely indicator that your mother or father has had a recent fall due to neglect. Facial trauma can range from the relatively mild (a few bruises) to severe (broken eye sockets or broken jaws).

Why do dogs bite during the holidays?

The holidays are meant to be a joyous season, but the stress that comes with family gatherings, gift buying, food prep and other festive activities can sometimes bring out the worst in us. That includes our dogs.

For those who don’t have dogs or who are encountering a normally friendly canine during the holidays, you may be wondering why a dog is acting aggressive. What is making them act like they are going to bite you?

Man who suffered brain injury from rubber bullets gets settlement

When a 16-year-old California teenager headed home from a party one night, he was intoxicated, feeling suicidal and in need of help.

He hesitated over killing himself and called the emergency hotline instead -- although he still kept a knife raised to his own throat as officers arrived.

Understand the risks of holiday travel and learn to avoid them

While the exact total shifts a little each year, around 110 people a day will die in traffic accidents during three days in December: the day before Christmas, the day of the holiday and the day after. Many more are injured.

Frankly, the entire month of December is actually dangerous to drivers -- there's a lot of distractions out there affecting everyone on the road one way or another:

  • Drunk or drugged drivers increase because of the number of holiday parties and liquid "good cheer" around.
  • Drowsy drivers are worse during the winter -- partially because it takes a long time for some people to adjust to getting up in the dark and coming home again in the dark.
  • Distracted driving is a common hazard in December -- made worse by the number of holiday decorations and ads screaming about sales and specials.
  • Road conditions are subject to sudden changes -- it can be dry one minute and suddenly spitting ice and snow the next.

What causes the most fatalities in large truck crashes?

When a passenger vehicle and a large truck collide, the occupants of the passenger vehicle are usually the ones who end up seriously injured or killed.

It's basic physics: large trucks generally weigh as much as 30 times as the average passenger vehicle. In addition, their height and ground clearance means that smaller cars can even end up crashed into the underside of a big rig.

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